Monthly Archives: February 2017

There really is no separation - no limits - between humans and animals.

If we wanted to, we could access parts within ourselves, parts that many of us have just never experienced or have blocked through trauma and other things in our lives, that would open up the possibility of communication directly between us and our pets.

Val Heart, an incredibly talented animal communicator teaches humans how to get in touch with our inner communication powers that we never knew we had. She teaches us how to speak with our animals, communicate with them in such a way that helps us to reinforce positive behavior, eradicate negative behaviors and fears, understand the needs of our pets, and even provide healing touch, presence and words that can be a powerful force against disease and sickness in our pets bodies.

Val loves to work with cats, dogs, horses, birds, reptiles, and really animals of all sorts. She not only works with the animals herself, but she is a teacher, a coach, and a mentor that will come alongside of you so that you can be empowered to make the direct connection with the animals in her life. She runs an animal communication school, called "Learn How to Talk to Animals", which you can get started by enrolling in her beginner course and move on to move advanced classes later. Eventually you could become a pet communicator and an animal whisperer yourself through her learning curriculum.

So, lose the barriers and the self limiting beliefs. You want to talk to your pets, and speak with animals? There are no limits at all. If this is of interest to you, check out more of Val's work, information and classes, as well as book private sessions at her websites, and